Linvilla Orchards

A family tradition.

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Over 300 acres and 100 years of farming history make up Linvilla Orchards, one of the most popular tourism destinations in the Philadelphia area. Visiting the farm is a tradition for families all over the Delaware Valley. We’re making sure that remains true for the next 100 years, too.

Growing community.

Our approach to digital strategy has helped Linvilla Orchards cultivate a larger, loyal audience across seasons — and social media.



We create social campaigns designed to tempt newcomers, while also showing fans all the reasons they can’t wait to come back.

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Over the past 8 years, NMBL has designed and developed our website, and helped build a strong social media presence...
Jean Hannemann, Owner of Linvilla Orchards


Attendance at Linvilla Orchards has soared over the last few years as thousands of moms, dads, toddlers and teens — tourists and locals — agree, “I love that place.”

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